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Living Large In Small Spaces

Could be a trend or just coincidence however recent clients are down sizing. Some wintering in Marco for the first time leaving large family homes up north and some after many seasons here are choosing to simplify by finding smaller homes or condos. And whether remodeling or building it's been rewarding working with these clients cleverly creating smart and chic design details and architecture in smaller spaces.
If down sizing interests you please call us at Interiors By Design Studio Inc. we can help!

Beach Condo Fix

Many of our beach condos here on Marco Island Florida have posts or columns on the balconies that are obtrusive and simply in the way. Here is my solution, it's form and function plus very cool! Can be created in all styles and color palettes. Please call us for a consultation if you would like to discuss this for your island lifestyle.

Pool Side Living

A recently completed project with focus on pool side living.
My client requested an outdoor living space that works as an extension of their inside interiors, together we created this beautiful area. Thank you Jack and Joyce!

Detail, details, details

To me, there is no better moment when designing a room for a client than to make a suggestion that they truly would have never thought of and that they adore. This under the stair shelving detail represents one of those moments. The movement of the beautifully crafted wood along with the contrast in color makes this a work of art. In addition, all the of the design elements included in the staircase along with this shelving beauty makes this space more than meaningful. It makes the space a part of the room rather than an annex.


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