Modern Classic, yes even on Marco Island

Good afternoon design lovers! I am so happy today, there are many reasons however it is the trend in interior design that has me smiling the most. Finally, tasteful modern classic interiors are being respected and requested once again. Not that I was not a willing participant in the 50 shades of grey, metal legs, and cold fabrics; I had to be, many clients wanted that. Hallelujah those days are over. Now we can return to beautiful hand crafted wood pieces that are truly timeless, warm tones, with a bit of romance. Rooms with organic elements featuring a collection of life's treasures are the most successful in the long run. I love it when my clients want to bring items from their northern residences, now not too much of it please understand. A few classic shapes can anchor any space, and then to bring the coastal atmosphere we add life! Life as in elements that reflect light rather than absorb it. Glass, crystal, paint, and finishes all need to be cohesive and well planned in the initial design criteria. Call me, I can help.