Tropical Tradition Yes! Just do it.

What I love about my job is meeting people from all walks of life and all over the globe. My goals always are to learn from them what their vision is for their residence, to determine a well-planned design criteria. When I meet clients who do not want sleek chic but instead luscious classic styling I get excited. Creating well-appointed rooms using layers of fabric designs and wallpaper brings out the best in me. Rooms like this cannot be done from a showroom, they take real talent and creativity and planning. Of course, I adore wallpaper and have never stopped using it. It tickles me when I hear "Oh wallpaper is coming back". Then I say I've never stopped using it! Some spaces have to have wallpaper. Take a moment and study this picture, take in the whole look. Wouldn't love to spend a night as a guest in this romantic room? Please, if you want to redo a room and create this look give me a call. Tropical Traditions yes I do that.